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SKY A760: 1tr8, A770: 1tr9, 2tr A810, A820 2tr3, 2tr6 A830, A840
: 20/06/2015
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: Ho Chi Minh City

ADDRESS: 450 HIGH QUNG, Ward 10, Go Vap District.
Tel: 0902.27.77.47 A HUNG
Sky A760 price: 1.8000.000D
SKY A800 price: 1.8000.000D
Sky A770 price: 1.900.000đ
SKY A810 prices : 2,000,000
SKY A820 price: 2.300.000d
SKY A830: 2.600.000d
SKY A840 price: 3.500.000d
SKY A850 price: 4.300.000d LG VU1 (F100): 2,500,000 VND LG F160 (LTE 2): 3,000,000 LG VU2 (F200): 3.100.000d F180 LG (LG G): 4,500,000 NOTE 2: 6.500.000d NOTE 1: 3.500.000d. LH: Bui Van Bac, Quang Trung 450, P10, Go Vap District, Tel. 0902277747

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